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Ezra Steenkamp, founder of – October 2010

I am the founder of, just standing up for what I believe in since the day I can remember who I am.

“Don’t give up on your goals or dreams because of what other people say.  Accept yourself for who and what you are and take one step at a time. Work with a plan, even if it’s a 12 month plan. Once you believe in yourself the rest will fall into place.  Be consistent and dedicated to what you believe in. You have already won half the battle,  just by taking the first step”

We have 5 rules we live b

1) Its FREE, and will always be free.

2) We support any individual or organisation who offer services or products targeted at the GLBT community and who do not by any means discriminate through gender identity.

3) We support Gay Pride that means: a) a sense of dignity and satisfaction involved in the public admission of one’s homosexuality & b) an awareness and history of what  GLBT community have faced through violence, discrimination, battles, securing of legal equality  in the workplace, housing, marriage rights and child custody.

4) Promoting and supporting of  PFLAG.

5) Stop bulling and stop suicides because of gender discrimination, that include “corrective rape”.

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Ezra Steenkamp
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About us

We a group of volunteers who are passionate about gay life and dedicated to the building of healthy empowered lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in South Africa and internationally.  We offer free resources to parents, family members, friends and anyone who is interested in learning more about Gay Life.


I Am Gay is NOT registered as a “Non Profitable Company” and managed by 2 members who have supported and funded the project since October 2010.  Any person or entity on regional level can become a volunteer by accepting the terms and conditions of I Am Gay. No member of I Am Gay may generate any form of income through dealings with I Am Gay as all our projects and support is volunteered based.

Why not registered as a NON-Profitable Company? We don’t accept any form of payment and therefore do not need to be registered as a NON-Profitable Organisation.


I Am Gay will always offer all services and resources FREE of charge to the GLBTI community. I Am Gay is totally volunteered driven and no form of income may be generated from these funds. Organisations who want to contribute in the form of products, services or donations can do this by supporting any of our projects directly, not through


The I Am Gay network provides free resources to the GLBTI Community as well as parents, family and friends. is dedicated to support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and inter-sex communities in South Africa and internationally and to reduce heterosexism and homophobia in society.

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