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SillverMoon MultiMedia

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SillverMoon MultiMedia
SillverMoon MultiMedia

Company Type: Computers, IT

Any hardware repairs on desktops and laptops. Software support also, virus removals and Operating system reloads on windows based machines only. Can fix anything computers, do offer Gaming Support too. Networking is limited support tho, but do contract out if server issues etc. Internet and eMale Setup and support offered. Am pretty good at most anything computers…

I do sell brand new computers and laptops on order and get them cheaper than most places. I also do at times sell 2nd hand computers and laptops…

Supplier guarantee of upto 2 years for brand new parts or machines. Second Hand pc’s or laptops have a 6 Month guarantee. All software services have a 30 day teething guarantee, sorting out minor issues perhaps from software loads etc…

I charge per problem per machine and not per hour as most IT companies do n hence making my services affordable for Home users. Business users also benefit from this…

I think I av about covered my services and info I can think of. Let me know if you need more.

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SillverMoon MultiMedia

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